Edward Li’s [Portfolio]

Interaction Designer l Visual Strategist

Edward Li’s [Portfolio]

Academic Research Building

Studio Project Fall 2011
Location: Syracuse, NY

The development of the standart lot has been affected by a series of historical pressures, but has been recently addressed with a campus master plan for the development of the ESF campus. Formerly a residential neighborhood, with views west over the city, the area in and around the standart lot experienced a steady decline following the construction of I-81. With the construction of the carrier dome in the early 1980’s there has been a need for increased parking, and Syracuse University purchased and cleared a larger area of the neighborhood for this purpose. Over time the campus has grown by stepping down the hill on a series of terraces. The standart lot offers the potential for a final culminating terrace.

The design for the standart lot continues the preexisting organization of campus while also blurring the transition from inside to outside space using dense layered programming around the edges of my site and a large open space in the interior. Dense programming on the site would increase the amount of usable open space.

  • Type University Campus Design

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