Edward Li’s [Portfolio]

Interaction Designer l Visual Strategist

Edward Li’s [Portfolio]

[Re]Envisioning Erie Boulevard

Studio Project (Spring 2011)
Location: Erie Boulevard, Syracuse, NY


Design Intent: Every Boulevard/ Avenue has a control system to regulate the trac of vehicles whether it be a stiop sign or red lights. This control system creates a dross/ vacant waste of unproductive time on the four intersections of Erie Boulevard with Teall Avenue being the most unproductive with the longest red lights, as pedestrians and people in their cars wait on the light to turn green with no activity in the process. As a solution, the intersection of Teall Avenue will be introduced with an exhibtion of the history of the Erie Canal to provide a relationship between pedestrains and the vehicles where there is interaction between the two in various intersections to refresh and revive the streetscape design by attracting visitors to interact with the site in unproductive dross areas forming stronger pedestrian connections with activites in the whole strip.

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